MAGNESIUM- what it is, and what it does.

A vital mineral for cellular activity in the body- it supports muscle and nerve function and energy production

Over 600 muscles in the body need magnesium every day.  MAGNESIUM is a cofactor for all amino acids—

All proteins derive from amino acids – and proteins control almost every biochemical reaction in the body.

Nearly 40, 000 proteins found in the human body are made from only 20 amino acids.

Without getting too scientific, the amino acids make the proteins that allow your body to function- including creating your immune system and hormones.  

Magnesium helps the body create GABA - amino acid Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, which has a calming effect and improves mood, relieves anxiety, improves sleep, helps PMS and ADHD attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.  In relieving anxiety, GABA also helps to prevent panic attacks and diminish the symptoms of panic disorder.   GABA also helps reduce aggressiveness, aging, stress, diabetes, depression, chronic pain and Alzheimer's. 




  MAGNESIUM   added to tap/drinking water AND milk .   REASON: Reduces anxiety, hostility and panic attacks.   Over time reduce the ...