Magnesium Health Solutions has been created by Kate Brown.

Kate worked for 10 years in the health food/vitamin industry.  She also worked for eight years as a certified nursing assistant both in established care facilities and in private homes.  Kate's mother was a registered nurse, psychiatric nurse practitioner, and a piano player/music teacher.  As is Kate, a piano player and music teacher.  Kate's step-father was a neurologist of the Corvallis Clinic and Good Samaritan Hospital, Dr. George Knox.  

Medical, health and science were a part of Kate's daily upbringing, along with music studies.  Kate hopes to make a difference for the future to improve our collective society.  

Magnesium added to tap water/drinking water and milk products is a promise for a brighter future for all. 


This website is for educational purposes only.  


  MAGNESIUM   added to tap/drinking water AND milk .   REASON: Reduces anxiety, hostility and panic attacks.   Over time reduce the ...