Wednesday, September 20, 2023



added to tap/drinking water AND milk.



Reduces anxiety, hostility and panic attacks.  

Over time reduce the amount of killings, mass shootings, road rage, and other such incidents.

Supplemental MAGNESIUM can truly change how you feel- change your health for the better and improve your life.  

As a culture, our society is collectively magnesium
deficient due to our diets and life styles. 

Supplemental magnesium could help transform our society’s consciousness over time. 


Imagine if you will--- fewer mass shootings, fewer killings, less hostility, crime, and road rage.


This is possible, and MAGNESIUM – over time- taken enough- could reduce these sad stories from our national news---and improve American's physical and mental health.




 This HEALTH PROPOSAL is to the World Health Organization, the Food and Drug Administration, Legislators, 
and  the government to take action
on a national level- state by state- to add MAGNESIUM to water companies, and milk products .   

Just as Vitamin A and D have been added to fortified  milk, and flouride added to tap water.


Be a part of a global awakening- please help by spreading this information.  Share it with
friends.  Contact your local water companies, dairies, Mayors, Council men and women, Legislators.  Take Magnesium and feel the
difference of your life changing. 


Most of Americans are MAGNESIUM deficient, lacking nutrition they aren’t even aware of that could make a huge difference in how they feel
physically and emotionally.


 At present, many USA water sources contain less than 7ppm magnesium.

Experts in this field tell us that total magnesium intake is best at 400-500mg per day, and drinking water should contain a minimum of 25-50ppm. 

Well waters on average,  typically have more magnesium content than city waters.

Calcium and Magnesium counteract one another.  High levels of calcium lower magnesium- and vice versa.  Nationally, we are magnesium deficient due to our diets.  

Magnesium and calcium can both harden water.  Hard water is not a health hazard, but could affect how soap dissolves and mineral build up in pipes over time.  Hard water can be  treated with an ion exchange water softener (sodium based).

Magnesium's multiple health benefits, especially cardiovascular and calming equilibrium, are more beneficial to everyone and thus worthy of consideration to proceed adding magnesium to drinking waters. 

Support your local Public Works.  Make magnesium the health solution.


Consider the recent NEWSWEEK
cover of October , 2022- The Anxiety Epidemic. 


We know the problem. 
We know there are solutions.   
MAGNESIUM is a safe, inexpensive method to treat national epidemic anxiety. 


Over-anxiety can lead to serious panic attacks, psychosis, suicides and killings. 


MAGNESIUM can help to change brain chemistry- calm the anxieties- and restore our people. 

 It takes time- it takes dedication—it takes



one glass of water and glass of milk at a time. 


 Adding Magnesium to our drinking water and milk - inexpensive, simple, safe and an effective way to  make a huge difference in improving America's physical and mental health.  



supplemental MAGNESIUM would help us see a reduction in hostility. 

  We would see less shootings, less crime, less road rage over time.

 Consistently - Over Time.

 Our society would become calmer.


Scientific evidence also proves we would see less cardiovascular diseases and cancers; especially colon cancer, with supplemental Magnesium.


Magnesium is natural and inexpensive --the benefits over time could bring about an entire transformation mentally and physically for the
future of our country.

Just as you can purchase Orange Juice with added calcium--- giving people the choice – MILK
with added Magnesium is a healthy choice.

Tap water with added Magnesium is a healthy choice for our peace and our future.

 As well, adding MAGNESIUM to milk products- (such as milks fortified with vitamin A & D),  is
another way to safely implement magnesium into the population’s diet. 

 Milk and Water are
the 2 liquids the average person generally consumes most in their lifetime. 




In 1945 fluoride was added to drinking water in one state in the United States.  Now in 2023, most states
have fluoridation- which reduces tooth decay by 25%.

Currently around 24 countries worldwide have fluoridated water. 

 Water is best clean and pure- it is the number one element we need to survive and remain healthy.

Being a stream of life, it serves as a highway of health-- for all consume water. 

Besides fluoride, there are other important minerals we should highly consider adding to our water supply to benefit all people .



drinking water (10-100ppm)  could prevent
heart disease, stroke, cancers, and mass shootings.


 Crime rates could drop, as well as aggression, anxiety and paranoia--- the world could be a much nicer place for all. 


By reviewing this website and all the medical studies herein,  it is clear to see the benefits of magnesium are desperately needed in our culture. 

For those who oppose, they can always filter their
water.  The majority of the population would see a
huge health shift for the better; physically and mentally.


How many more mass shootings do we need to see to understand we must act now.  

  It's time for Americans to stop dying- it's time for Americans to stop living in fear- it's time for Americans to STOP the VIOLENCE!

     It's time for our Government to  

      STOP the VIOLENCE~ USA ! 



 "Hostility is a complex personality trait characterized by three components: 1) cynicism and a mistrusting attitude, 2) anger and contempt emotion, and 3) overt or repressed aggressive behavior []. These manifestations of hostility are not mutually exclusive and expression of these components can take a wide range of forms. Evidence suggests both a psychological and physiological source of hostility, and many view these etiologies as complementary rather than competing.".....

 " We hypothesized that high total magnesium intake is associated with lower levels of hostility..."

From the National Library Of Medicine-- Magnesium Studies on Reversing Hostility.


 Creating calmer functional people.  Magnesium, taken daily in the right doses over time, can change body and brain chemistry to a balanced anatomy.  

We cannot allow the number of mass shootings to continue escalating.  We must act NOW!


The health benefits far out measure any cost, and magnesium itself is not costly. It’s a win- win , and a winning hand for our future generations, as they will reap the benefits of a safer, happier, healthier

Making healthy choices today, to assure a good tomorrow for future generations. 



 The people of the World need Magnesium.






  MAGNESIUM   added to tap/drinking water AND milk .   REASON: Reduces anxiety, hostility and panic attacks.   Over time reduce the ...